Tuesday, 15 April 2014


As you may or may not know I am on a spending ban for 6 months. I can be gifted items and I can be bought things (thanks Mum) but I will not buy myself anything from the money I have in my bank. I'm saving :-) I am kind of regretting the whole '6' month thing but I guess it's a really good challenge to set. Some people run marathon's - I simply do not buy!!

HOWEVER ... last week I was browsing online (as you do when you're on a spending ban) and noticed that Mango have changed their website - you should check it out. I defy you to walk away without drooling! The clothes/styling/looks are amazing. I bring to you a few of my 'NEED THIS' looks below. I would buy all of these in a heartbeat if I could - totally my style.

Floral Dress - £34.99

White Linen Blazer - £59.99

White Sweatshirt - £26.99

White Penny Loafers - £79.99

Red Chiffon Dress - £44.99

Scarf Print Skirt - £29.99

White Dress - £44.99

Oversized White Shirt - £29.99

Did you notice they'd changed their website? Are you a fan? What's your favourite item?


Friday, 11 April 2014

What to wear every day

I am far more casual when the children are off school and my only destination is the home office or the park.

I struggle to be all styled and ready for the day when I am surrounded by 5-10 year olds. I look after my friends 2 children and in return she looks after mine a few days a week during the holidays. This is so we can both continue to work on our part time day jobs without horrendous childcare fees/club prices. So far so good, the Easter hols has worked out well.

Here is a round up of what I've been wearing over the past week/10 days.

Here are a few of my favourite looks

And here I am today - totally dress down Friday today (in the office away from annoying children) - HOORAH!

Do you make an effort EVERY DAY? 


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How to style the Next bomber jacket

Yesterday we (that's myself and 5 other gorgeous 40+ fashion bloggers) bought you 1 jacket in two colours and styled in 6 different ways on 6 women.

Today I have styled the Next bomber jacket in a few different ways. I have to say I could probably add another 15 looks but time is short today as I have my children and 2 others to watch and they're screaming at me to go to the park.

Which is your favourite? I'm finding it hard to call because I think it actually goes with EVERYTHING!

First up, stealing the layering look that Frances used for our styling shoot - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT even if I do say so myself!

This was so easy to put together and wear and I cannot wait to wear this combo for real.
Necklace - Avenue 57
Skirt - Avenue 57 (last year)
Shoes - Converse

Close up of the layers

This worked better than I thought it was going to - the dress (AX Paris) is very easy to wear and with trainers and the jacket it makes it nice and casual

Necklace - Matalan (last year)
Dress - Ax Paris
Shoes - Converse

One of my default comfy looks, sloppy jeans, stripy tshirt and trainers
Tshirt - Gap (years ago)
Jeans - Zara (at least 10 years ago)!
Shoes - Converse

This is a bit FULL ON but I really like it! I am 'in your face' red and confident here (well confident in the confines of my bedroom)! Not sure I have real confidence to wear this out. The dress is short, the legs are white and the heels are high!

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Nine West

I forgot just how much I loved this Me+Em dress (they have it in black for this year). I was inspired by Michelle to wear the bomber jacket with a maxi dress.

Dress - Me+Em
Necklace - Avenue 57 (on Facebook)
Shoes - Kurt Geiger via TK Maxx

The necklace works really well, I was surprised as I don't usually do long chain necklaces like this. You can buy from here - £12

This is my least favourite. I love the dress (again Me+Em) but I don't like it with the trainers. If I wasn't so lazy I might have grabbed some other heels but it was the last change of the morning and I had 4 children screaming 'when is it lunch time'?

Love the turquoise necklace, again it's an Avenue 57 special and it's really versatile - I love it! You can buy from here for £15.

Totally not me on the hanger but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. A jumpsuit from my shop, a necklace from the shop and the jacket from Next. It felt like I had my pj's on and I kind of liked it!

So do you believe me when I say this really is one of the most versatile jackets you would ever own! I didn't even start with the normal jeans, coloured jeans, patterned jeans ... I need a lie down.

Which is your favourite look?


Monday, 7 April 2014

Next Bomber Jacket – 6 Ways – 6 Bloggers

When asked to be part of a style challenge I'm always the first to say YES! I absolutely LOVE seeing other women wear similar (if not exactly the same) items. We are all individuals and it stands out when put side by side.

I was joined by
Joanna - Poppy's Style
Michelle - My Fashionable 40s
Frances - School Run Style

We were gifted a casual quilted bomber jacket by Next (thank you). It is currently available online and comes in either grey or red. I chose the grey as I knew I'd be able to do a lot more with this colour other than red. 

Here we are side by side - I think it's brilliant to show off the versatility of the jacket on 6 very different shaped/styled women.

Here we are again mixed up a bit more.

Here I am and the final for a close up (eek)!

Later this week I will show you the jacket worn by myself in as many different ways as I can muster. I KNOW it will go with so much of what I own already and I look forward to wearing it again soon (today it's a parka and hood day as it's raining hard).

Do you own a good jacket for Spring? What style?