Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What I've Been Wearing ..

THANK GOODNESS .. the school holidays are OVER ... as I sit here at 20.36pm on Wednesday 23rd April I can say that I am relieved and happy! We are all bored of each other, I'm 'done' with juggling being a mother (badly), working (part time), a wife (even worse), running a house (don't even go there) ....

So what have I been wearing?

Highlights for me are:

Swish day party in London on Saturday

Losing my mind (did not know this before the event) at a friends house on Sunday afternoon (!)

F&F playsuit dressing up shoot

Are you pleased yours are back to school now?


PS - I found this blog - I love it - I wish I could be so good but I can't ..

Monday, 21 April 2014

White Dresses For Summer ...

With the sun out I now have a new desire - the white dress. I have one but it's too big and the wrong shape/size on me but I LOVE how simple they are.

I'm talking specifically about the floaty white dress that you would wear with ease during the summer ahead. I am going to be wearing LOTS of dresses in the summer becayse there is nothing more cooling that a simple floaty dress and sandals.

In truth I fell in love with the DOC (Duchess of Cambridge) and her broderie anglaise white dress the other day

I'm kicking myself because last summer Sainsbury's had one identical to this and I didn't buy it.  HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

Inspiration from Pinterest (falling more and more in love with this site)

My best pick of white dresses are:

ASOS - £58

ASOS - £100

ASOS £30

Oasis - £70

Mango - £44.95

Hobbs (via John Lewis) - £179

Next - £28

Topshop - £38

River Island - £30

The last two dresses are white, it's just the silly screen grab software I've used that makes them look grey!

Do you wear white a lot in the summer? Do you own a white dress? I NEED one but the ban has me waiting or altering the one I already own (too big so might tumble dry to shrink)


Friday, 18 April 2014

F&F Playsuit - How I wear it ...

When F&F (Tesco) got in touch asking if I'd like to take part in their "How you wear it" blogger challenge I jumped at the chance. The brief was shorts or midi skirts with a print. I skipped off to the website to choose my item but suddenly realised that what was on offer was not for this 40 year mum of 2. No-one needs to see me in hot pants and the midi skirt does nothing for me. So I asked to bend the rules slightly and opt for a playsuit instead. These are PERFECT for the summer. If you are a busy mum like I am and you're forever on the go then I like the comfort of a playsuit (think bending over in short skirt - this problem is vanished when you're wearing a playsuit).

This is what I chose - South Beach Tie Dye Playsuit £22

Here's how I wore it

Head on over to the F&F How You Wear It page online to see how others wear the F&F brand.

Could you rock a playsuit?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014


As you may or may not know I am on a spending ban for 6 months. I can be gifted items and I can be bought things (thanks Mum) but I will not buy myself anything from the money I have in my bank. I'm saving :-) I am kind of regretting the whole '6' month thing but I guess it's a really good challenge to set. Some people run marathon's - I simply do not buy!!

HOWEVER ... last week I was browsing online (as you do when you're on a spending ban) and noticed that Mango have changed their website - you should check it out. I defy you to walk away without drooling! The clothes/styling/looks are amazing. I bring to you a few of my 'NEED THIS' looks below. I would buy all of these in a heartbeat if I could - totally my style.

Floral Dress - £34.99

White Linen Blazer - £59.99

White Sweatshirt - £26.99

White Penny Loafers - £79.99

Red Chiffon Dress - £44.99

Scarf Print Skirt - £29.99

White Dress - £44.99

Oversized White Shirt - £29.99

Did you notice they'd changed their website? Are you a fan? What's your favourite item?